Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sprouted Almonds from Co-op

Ahhhh! The sprouted almonds from the New Pioneer Co-op are not raw! I got some last night to use in some recipes for Thanksgiving because I am too lazy to sprout almonds on my own. I should have read the label more carefully because they were actually roasted after being sprouted. I sampled a few last night and had my suspicions so I couldn't help but call today and learned the truth. So now my fast has been tainted but never fear. I will continue onward eating only raw through day 21. In my own defense, I didn't officially cheat - I was ignorant about the product I bought and I screwed up out of an attempt to save myself a little time. Darn - now I'm only like 99.99% raw. Oh well, life goes on!

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