Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Time, No Post. What's UP?

Wow, I haven't posted since July 2010!  It is now February 2011 and raw food is still a part of my life, though not in the quantity I would prefer.  I've been encouraged, motivated and even inspired by comments that people have left on the blog and today received and email stating: "We've scoured the web to look for qualifying blogs who've gone the "Extra Mile" in being an overall excellent resource."  What?  Really?  Wow!  I'm not really sure I deserve it but Thank You!!  Nothing more motivating than that to get back to blogging!  Check out the award badge on the right side of the blog to see many more blogs featuring raw food.

So where have I been?  I had a baby girl in September.  She's so awesome and her big sister is amazing with her.  As a nursing mom I've become even more aware of what is going into my body because someone else is reacting to it.

Here I am with my family.  The girls are perfect.  My hubby and I managed to grow an extra chin for each of us during my pregnancy.  Not the most flattering photo of me, but real.  Seriously, time for change.
NOT surprisingly baby girl does not tolerate one of my favorite indulgences: dairy.  I confess that I am a lover of cheese, and I haven't been able to have it for the past 5 months.  What better reason to begin the hunt for a satisfying raw cheese alternative.  It's on!

I don't have an raw recipes to post today but I want to give two big thumbs up to Weight Watchers.  For the first time in 13 years they have revamped the program and for the better.  The new points system encourages people to eat more fruits and veggies by making the vast majority of them worth 0 points, meaning those following the plan can eat as much fruit and veg as they want.  I'm so happy for this change as I did Weight Watchers in the past and was always frustrated that people could eat their processed unhealthy crap and still lose weight but not gain health.  This has been addressed with a new points calculator as well.  Finally, calories are not accounted for.  Instead they use protein, fat, fiber and carbs to calculate the points based on how the body uses those nutrients and not based on calories consumed.  Not all calories are created equal.  There's probably still some room for improvement but I feel that this is a giant leap from where they were a year ago.