Friday, May 18, 2007

In preparation

My husband Cam and I have been intrigued for at least a couple of years now by the concept of a raw food lifestyle. I even ventured to try eating raw for a full week after I weaned Adi when she was 15 months old. In one weeks time I think I lost almost 10 pounds and felt completely energized. My skin cleared up, which is huge for me - I've had adult acne ever since I've been an adult! I have to also comment that in that short amount of time I started to feel frisky again.

So why did I quit? It was hard to do! I wasn't equipped with many recipes and the ones I did have required so much time and effort to prepare. I didn't have the time or organization to soak the nuts and seeds I would need for the recipes and a lot of the recipes required dehydrating something. Though I do own a dehydrator I don't know if it gets too hot to consider the food still raw or what.

The benefits of eating raw are very clear to me. I've experienced myself being called back to it again and again. But what makes this time different? Cam is on board. He chose to spend some of his birthday money on books about raw and living foods and the inspiration he's drawing from what he's reading is contagious!

Now, after going through some rough times with 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months we are ready to embark on a journey seeking health and healing. We invite Jesus on this journey with us, to bless our desire to return to the healthy forms that God created us to be in and to enjoy more of the food we eat in the perfect package that God created it to be in.

Jesus, we want to embrace our bodies as temples, not dumping grounds. We want to transform physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We can not do this without the grace of God and we submit our stubborn arrogance to you and ask for your guidance to lead us down a path of true life, living in faith and loving God's creation! In your name, Jesus, we pray.

So onward we go. Hopefully these books will help us with fast and simple recipes to keep our palettes happy and give us motivation to persist. I know it won't be easy but that won't stop us from trying.

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