Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day 4 - 175

Things just feel normal today. It feels like I've made the transition from junk food addict to raw food living in only a few days. I know it's not really this easy. I haven't had any real challenges yet - aside from my cheerios temptation when barfing was my only other option. Today I can say that I like eating this way.

It helps that the farmers market is up and going and we got our first share of organic produce from our CSA last night. It was a lot of fun dividing the food up together and having community time with the neighbors. Our share this week included: spinach, joi choi, two types of lettuce, broccoli rabe, spring onions, green garlic, and rhubarb. I need to figure out how to eat raw rhubarb. Cam says it's good in smoothies but I'm not much of a smoothie person. I like to chew my food.

Last night I made blackberry & young coconut Popsicles. Really, I just made a smoothie and poured it into Popsicle molds I got from K-Mart. I haven't had one yet but I'm looking forward to enjoying a healthy raw frozen treat today. Here's the recipe:

Water from 1 young coconut
Meat from 1 young coconut
10 oz bag frozen organic blackberries
1/4 cup raw organic agave nectar
2 Tbsp raw organic hemp oil

Blend using a blender 1-2 minutes and pour into Popsicle molds. You can get the molds on I suggest the ones with reusable sticks (they even have drip guards) for less waste and less additional future cost for wooden sticks.

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