Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day 2 - ?

I didn't get a chance to weigh myself last night because I was too busy puking guts out. What a waste of rawesome nori rolls. If I've EVER spoke too soon, it was yesterday. Shortly after my post I started getting a headache which slowly escalated to some weakness and nausea in the early evening. I felt a little better after dinner, but I stupidly went on a walk with Ma and Adi. It was mostly OK but a little bit miserable as my condition worsened in the heat of the day. When we got home I felt weak, sweaty and overall pretty crappy.

Adi's bath time was a challenge, I didn't want to hurl in the toilet right next to her but I didn't know how long I was going to keep it down. By the grace of God I safely got Adi out of the tub and in her room. We had to skip story time and I put her in her crib with her milk while I gave into my overwhelming need to yack. I managed to get back to Adi's room to rock her and sing a song before putting her down for the night. She went to sleep without any trouble.

I felt so terrible and realized that I was most definitely experiencing a hard core detox. I almost gave in and ate some of Adi's cheerios but just as I grabbed the box and was telling myself "nothing is worth feeling like this" all of a sudden I had a new thought that was something like, "you are worth it and I'm here with you" so I had to put the cheerios down. If God was in this with me then I could do it. I just grabbed 2 strawberries and laid down in bed with them cool and moist in my hand but unable to eat them.

I prayed, Jesus, this strawberry is you, and I'm taking you unto me, please heal this detox I'm going through. I can't do it without you, Lord. I need you now. A little cheesy - I know but it worked. I was finally able to take a nibble of the juicy sweet fruit and though it was hard to chew and hard to swallow I finally did it but only because I was bringing Jesus into the experience with me. I sensed His presence as I ate the second strawberry, thanked God and passed out.

So my day 1 experience wasn't exactly what I expected it to be but I suppose after all of the coffee and junk food I've been consuming lately it really should be no surprise! I know now that it would have been wise to ease my way into eating raw but I guess that's not how I do things.

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