Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 9 - 170

Day 8 was 173. I completely forgot to post yesterday - Adi was sick so we ended up taking her to the ER (she wouldn't eat or drink and we were worried about dehydration). Turned out to be tonsillitis. Poor baby, she was so miserable. But at least we didn't have to do antibiotics! I hate that crap!

So... yesterday was rough! It felt so stressful to care for our little peanut, she just wined and cried and wouldn't eat or drink and we just wanted some friggin pizza! I was within a hair of picking up the phone and ordering. We opted for a nice bottle of organic red wine. It was a well deserved raw treat. No regrets!

There seems to be a sense of comfort that comes from nice hot food that I'm not getting from the raw foods I've been eating. I like the fresh flavors and appreciate cool foods on the hot days. But on cool days all I want is a hot bowl of soup. I kind of realized last night that we weren't going to make it on a 100% raw diet and that's OK. We have a church retreat coming up this weekend which might very well be the end of the 100% raw experiment. It doesn't really have to be, maybe just and intermission.

Other than weight loss I don't seem to be feeling so much like all the cost and effort is really worth it! I think our family is going to be more like a 75 or 80% raw family, which is still better than 10% or whatever it was before. Maybe living in Iowa has something to do with success or failure on a raw food diet. It's not quite the same as Cali by any measure. Or maybe it's just me. At any rate, I'm so glad I didn't spend a butt load of money on a vitamix and an excalibur. I'm beginning to feel that if something needs to be dehydrated to be edible you may as well just cook it! And our handy little magic bullet is a wonderful tool - we use it every day and love it.

I'm sorry to say that I feel disappointed. I don't know what exactly it is that I expected but I don't think this was it. But I'm not really done yet. I'll just consider the retreat to be an intermission and I'll have to reevaluate the actual percentage beyond that.

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