Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Raw Mochachino?

So I saw this great recipe idea on Raw Freedom Community forum: the best ever raw coffee. It was made of several ingredients that I don't have (yet) so I had to at least try to come up with one of my own. The result was a light and tasty raw mocha:

Raw Mochachino

3 cups water

1 Tbsp raw maca powder

3 Tbsp raw cacao powder

3 Tbsp raw honey or agave (more or less to taste)

4 Tbsp raw hemp seeds

2 cups ice

Blend all ingredients except ice until smooth. Strain out any hemp chunks if desired (I didn't cuz I like a little something to chew). Add ice to make slushy.

I think in the future I would use only 2 cups water instead of three to make it a bit thicker and creamier. Any raw nut or seed could be used to replace the hemp seeds to change the flavor or consistency. I'll play around with the recipe and post one that is closer to "perfect" on goneraw.com later.

Imperfections aside, this drink was amazingly satisfying. I had it in the afternoon when I needed a bit of an energy boost. Wow, did this deliver. I'm usually miserably tired when putting Adi to bed but last night I not only felt wide awake but I remained in a good mood as well. Hmmmm. I like that :)

I can't resist posting the recipe for the original:


Cacao powder,Fo-Ti (Ho Shou Wu), Maca, Lucuma, Yacon, Agave, Vanilla bean, Nutmeg, Cashews, Ice, Water
Try to contain your exitement Grab your blender and add:a scoop of cacao powder, add a few capsules of Fo-Ti (minus the capsules!) a scoop of maca, a tbsp of lucuma, a squirt of yacon, a squirt of agave, 1/4 inch vanilla bean, dash of nutmeg, handful of cashews, cup of ice, cup or so of water.
Chocolate sauce for lining the glass and topping the drink: cacao and a capsule of ho shou wu & a dash of sea salt mixed with agave.

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Tat said...

Wow! What a great recipe! I just got some maca powder and have been trying to find a way tasty to drink it. Your recipe is the best ever!