Monday, September 29, 2008

Caramel Apple

It all started when I saw the first caramel apples appear in the grocery store and I couldn't resist telling Adi how those were my FAVORITE fall-time treat when I was a kid growing up. Hearing this, she naturally insisted that I buy one for her. I did. And I salivated as I cut it up for her to eat (too hard for a 3 year old to figure out the art of eating a caramel apple).

That's when I started scheming to create a raw caramel apple recipe. So without further ado - here it is:

Caramel Apple

1 beautiful apple

5-10 dates (depending on size of dates and size of apple, Medjool dates are bigger so use fewer but ultimately use your own judgement)

1/4 cup chopped nuts of choice (I used almonds)

sprinkle of sea salt

Wash your apple really well and dry. I'm sure you can find the sticks at a craft store but I just stole the one out of Adi's caramel apple! Put apple on the stick. Next use the blank plate on an agar style juicer (Champion, Sampson, etc.) to create date paste. You could also just use a mortar and pestle to grind the dates into a paste if you don't have one of these types of juicers. A rolling pin might work as well, use your imagination. Spread the date paste over the apple and roll in chopped nuts. Sprinkle with sea salt if desired (totally made all the difference for me) and enjoy!!!


Joanna said...

I just saw this on the gone raw site and it looks soo good. I just finished off all of my dates for lunch today, so I'll definitely be picking some up to make this.

Stacey D said...

1 serving
WW = 7 points