Saturday, January 24, 2009

Durian Love

So we recently bought a whole frozen durian from our local Asian market, Chongs. We've had durian before, Cam loved it immediately, I'm still on the fence and Cam quickly convinced Adi to give it a try and she's a durian lover as well... Here's a photo of the spiky fruit before it was opened. It's HUGE!

Adi was so excited about opening the durian. She could hardly stand waiting for it to thaw. This one had a really mild sweet smell prior to opening. One that was tolerable for me since I'm not a huge fan of the durian stench.

As you can see I'm not so sure about this stuff. I'm trying really hard to like it, but am amazed at how much my 3.5 year old totally LOVES the stuff!

Here she is actually licking the fruit out of the spiky casing. She couldn't get enough!

And finally a big ol chunk of durian heading for her salivating mouth. It was interesting to watch Adi and Cam go nuts over the stuff. I hesitantly had a little bit. I'm still not a durian lover, but rather tolerate it.

After getting the seeds out of each section we froze the durian using round biscuit cutters so it's in individual size portions. It has a custard like consistency and would probably mix really well with banana to make a frozen ice cream. I might like that a little better. I wanted to post a video but we're having a hard time getting it to upload, must be too long? I'll try editing and see if I can get it out there some time, it's worth it just to see and hear how Adi responds to the experience.

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