Friday, October 10, 2008


So I recently calculated my Body Mass Index (BMI) and "Ideal Weight" using an online calculator. I had thought that I was out of the red zone (my definition of red zone is having a BMI that indicated I am medically coined "overweight") but according to the calculator I'm not quite there. I currently have a BMI of 25.1 - 25 and over is considered overweight.

In so many ways I resist looking at this kind of thing, but ultimately when it comes right down to it, this calculator takes a lot of things into consideration. Height, weight, age, gender. And it doesn't attempt to proclaim that given these factors one must be a precise weight. There's a broad range. For me, the medically recommended weight is between 125 and 164. That is a range of almost 40 lbs!

So what am I going to do with this info? Well, I have not set a weight loss goal because I am doing this raw food challenge to improve my health - the weight loss has just been icing on the cake and I like it that way. But I like having a better idea of where my weight should be - somewhere within that broad range and it feels like once I'm in that range, I'll have a little something to celebrate!

Today is day 70. Just 30 days to go on the challenge. Then what? I'll keep eating a high raw diet, I'll just include a cooked meal here and there, as weird as that may feel, I think I'll really appreciate the cooked foods I do choose to include in my diet all the more.


Kristen's Raw said...

I like your statement of "why you eat Raw food."

Good luck on your journey :)


fpg said...

sigh. Yes, while the BMI is helpful, sometimes these calculators have problems. I recently took a body fat calculator test. It told me I had 32.3% body fat, which is in the range of OBESE! not acceptable, not overweight, but OBESE.

Stacey D said...

Ugh, fpg. That sounds crazy to me. I've never done a body fat calculator but there must be some sort of an error because you are most certainly NOT obese! I have a hard time believing one's true body fat percentage can be calculated using an online calculator!

Agnesss =) said...


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I'm currently on a RAW VEGAN diet :) and enjoying it very much!! :D Isn't it a gift for the body to eat like this(mostly raw...) ??! :))) I think it's great!!!!

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